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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Paddles Swim & Pickleball?

A: The Club is a new club, located in the Chatham Park planned development community (“Community”) in Pittsboro, North Carolina, featuring exceptional swimming and pickleball facilities. The Club currently offers one category of membership.  

Q: Who owns the Club Facilities?

A: Paddles LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company (the “Company”), doing business as Paddles Swim & Pickleball (“Club”), owns and operates the Club Facilities.

Q: What facilities will the Club offer?

A: Members, their families and guests will enjoy the following exceptional “Club Facilities”:

  • Swimming pool with six lap lanes, plus shallow end and sun-shelf and slide; and pool deck;
  • Kid pool;
  • 8 pickleball courts;
  • Snack bar;
  • Restrooms; and
  • Office.

Q: What categories of membership are currently offered in the Club?

A: The Club currently offers two categories of membership – Resident Memberships and Non-Resident Memberships.  Subject to the maximum number of memberships and memberships reserved by the Club, owners of residences in the Community are eligible for Resident Memberships.   Subject to the maximum number of memberships and memberships reserved by the Club, persons who do not own residences in the Community are eligible for Non-Resident Memberships.  Non-Resident Memberships are subject to recall on a last acquired, first recalled basis.

Q: How many memberships will be offered in the Club?

A: The anticipated maximum number of memberships is 750, which may be increased or decreased based on usage of the Club Facilities by members and their guests as determined by the Club.  The Club may at any time, in its sole and absolute discretion, determine the number of Resident Memberships and Non-Resident Memberships, and may further limit the number of available memberships as the Club determines appropriate from time to time.

Q: What are the privileges of a membership?  

A: Resident Members and Non-Resident Members may use all the Club Facilities of the Club.  Members may reserve pickleball court times starting six days in advance.

Q: What are the special features of membership in the Club?

A: In addition to exceptional Club Facilities, membership in the Club offers a number of attractive benefits.  A brief description of some of these current benefits follows and they are described in greater detail in the Membership Plan:

  • Immediate Family Privileges.  A member’s immediate family, including his or her spouse and their unmarried children, under the age of 26 who are living at home, attending school on a full-time basis or in the military are entitled to membership privileges without having to pay additional membership dues.  A Single dues option is available for an unmarried member who does not have children who are eligible for immediate family privileges.
  • Lessons.  The Club will offer to members a variety of swim and pickleball lessons and instructions at an additional cost.  
  • No Assessments.  Members are not subject to either operating or capital assessments.
  • Club Newsletter.  Members will receive a periodic newsletter containing information about events and activities at the Club and other items of interest.
  • Website.  The Club’s website Paddlesatchathampark.com provides members with access to important up to date club information.

Q: May I invite guests to the Club?

A: Yes.  Having your friends enjoy the Club’s outstanding facilities with you is a wonderful attribute of membership in the Club.  Therefore, members are entitled to have accompanied guests use the Club Facilities in accordance with the ‘Rules and Regulations of the Club and the Club’s guest policies to preserve the exclusivity of its facilities. 

Q: Will there be any other types of membership and use privileges available in the Club?

A: A limited number of Developer Memberships will be available and will not count towards the membership cap.   The Club may restrict or otherwise reserve in advance the Club Facilities for maintenance, pickleball tournaments, realtor events, private functions, swim team and other special events from time to time.

Q: When will the initiation fee be repaid to the member?

A: A member shall not be entitled a refund of any portion of the initiation fee paid for the membership, whether after resignation, death, or otherwise, except as specifically set forth in the Membership Plan.

Q: Who is eligible to acquire a membership in the Club?

A: Memberships will be offered to purchasers of residences in the Community, and such other persons as the Club determines appropriate from time to time, including persons who do not own property in the Community. 

Q: How will the Club keep informed of the desires of the members?

A: The Club is committed to providing the types of services, programs, activities and events that the membership is desirous of having.  An advisory board comprised of members of the Club may be formed and if established, will enable members to have input on the foregoing items as well as other matters that are of concern to the members.  The Club may also appoint advisory committees on which members will serve.  

Q: How do I become a member?

A: To become a member of the Club, start by Applying Here.  Upon acceptance of your application, you will be sent an email with instructions for purchasing a membership, along with a payment for the required initiation fee, if applicable.  

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Please use our Contact Form or

Contact the Membership Director at:

Paddles Swim & Pickleball
500 Vine Parkway
Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312

(919) 674-2990

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This is a general description of the membership opportunities available at the Club and should not be relied on for the purpose of deciding to acquire a residence in the Community or a membership in the Club.  The complete Membership Plan is available under the “Membership Documents” tab.

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